About Us


Welcome to The Fraiche Kitchen!

The Fraiche Kitchen is a gourmet food company located in Valencia, California.   TFK offers cooking classes, catering for private and non-profit events, and a line of handmade artisan products which includes sea salt caramels, marshmallows, nut brittles and old-fashioned fudge, and Gluten Free Crunchy Granola.  We use only the finest and freshest ingredients in our products.  Each product is made in a small batch to ensure freshness, quality and consistency.

Carolyne, founder of TFK, is a chef who spent many of her formative years in the South where she had some of her first experiences enjoying Cajun and Creole, barbeque and fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits with homemade preserves.  The recipes and lessons to make fudge and candy were handed down by her grandmother.  In her twenties, she spent a year in France, experiencing the flavors and ingredients that comprised Parisian sophistication and also countryside traditions–fois gras, wild baby boar, rabbit, raspberry tarts, and of course, spectacular wines. Today, Carolyne volunteers for FoodForwardMEND Poverty, and by teaching nutritional, organic cooking at several community gardens and schools, including the Villas At Gower through AdoptAKitchen & PATH Ventures.  She previously taught for the Social Justice Learning Institute in Inglewood, CA.  She is a Jamie Oliver Food Ambassador and Food Champion, having taught on the JOFF Big Rig Mobile Kitchen.  She spent 15 years Gluten Free and has mastered the art of transforming negative assumptions about tasty gluten free food.


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